Middle School – The best of both worlds

The TAS Middle School (Years 6 to 8) academic program is an introduction to senior school life; stimulating, challenging and creative, with the care and attention needed for these young students as they navigate their way through adolescence.

The manner of teaching and learning within the Middle School changes to make our students more engaged, creative and globally aware so that when they then move into their senior years, they are better prepared and more focussed.

Middle School builds supported academic foundations

Our Middle School encourages all students to become responsible global citizens, resilient, independent and lifelong learners. We aim to inspire all students to succeed by making informed decisions that promote their academic, social, emotional and physical growth. Goal setting, time management and a variety of assessment tasks combined with homework sessions promote the development of a specific set of study skills over their time in the Middle School.

The Middle School years ensure the necessary academic and social grounding for the successful management of senior school life.

Middle School Academic Philosophy

TAS Middle School is a gentle transition between junior and senior school geared toward students from Years 6 to 8. The Middle School has been in operation for over 20 years; responding to the specific needs of early adolescence and the requirement to provide students with greater academic stimulation. We are committed to developing responsible citizens and our academic program includes a genuine global outlook, focus on inquiry learning practices and builds connections between different subject areas.
Middle School has its own building within the TAS campus and this nurturing space is where additional support, opportunities and care are given during these vital years. In Middle School, students are under the direct care of their Advisor/ Homeroom teacher, Year Coordinator and the Head of Middle School. A large number of the subjects are taught within the Middle School itself, whilst for other subjects, students have classes in senior classrooms with specialist teachers, most of whom are also teaching at HSC level. The School tracks the academic progress of all students and in conjunction with the family, puts programs and structures in place to assist in their development.

During these formative years there is a strong focus on developing good learning and study habits. The structure of Middle School enables us to both explicitly teach and also embed in subjects the learning skills that have relevance across the curriculum that help students “learn how to learn”. These skills address the areas of effective communication, teamwork, self regulation and analytical and evaluative thinking. Skills which we see as valuable in multiple contexts, including the transition to senior schooling.  Our approach to assessments in the middle years is to build confidence in completing tasks independently. We gradually increase the formality of tasks to prepare students for the senior years.

Middle School Service Program

Service is a key component of the Middle School program and also one of the IDEALS of Round Square Specific Middle School programs, include the annual service trip to St Christopher’s Orphanage, Suva Fiji, open to Year 8 students. TAS is progressing with the introduction of school-wide, curriculum-based Service Learning programs that aim to provide all students with the opportunity to learn through active engagement in service activities, addressing human and community needs while also providing structured opportunities for personal growth, reflection and transformation. 

Enhanced awareness of social issues, experiential learning that encourages student initiative and problem-solving skills, teamwork to achieve a common goal, and acknowledgment of the importance of community will all be important learning outcomes.

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