Senior School and Reaching the HSC

TAS has built a reputation around its extensive academic offering and success with specialist teachers focused on their individual areas of expertise. TAS is not a selective school, nor does it aspire to be. What it is however, is a school focussed on every individual student and their personal journey through these senior years leading up to the HSC.

Keeping the core strong

Naturally there is increased focus on the core subjects for Years 9 and 10 to prepare these students for their more senior years. English texts are chosen carefully, maths classes are ability based, science and HSIE are crafted to ensure our students are exposed to interesting and engaging content. The key to success here is that we understand how important these two years of schooling are and if paired with an active and broad co-curricular life outside the classroom, we can build in our students the confidence, resilience and creativity so they can challenge themselves in the classroom.

Years 9 and 10 where academic interests are fostered

In Years 9 and 10 we introduce our innovative ‘Stage 5 Electives Program’. Unlike most schools, we combine our Year 9 and 10 students for their elective classes enabling us to offer them with more than 90 choices of semester-long courses in each of the two years. Instead of having to choose 3 electives for 2 years, we offer a semester style program where the choices are vast allowing students to ‘try out’ subjects before they have to select them for their HSC. This means they are not locked in to electives they do not like and are not engaged in learning.

Each elective is connected to the HSC curriculum, but with topics that are vastly more interesting than a traditional approach allows. Our aim is to drive academic interest and engagement by increasing choice and opportunity. There are so many subjects to choose from that it is best you have a look at the attached brochure to see for yourself.

And the final push to the HSC

In the final two years the ultimate ambition that we all share is that our students will continue to build their performance through their senior years and enjoy the sense of worth and purpose that it brings. To succeed in this ambition, the HSC must be seen as a shared experience between student, school and parents.

Our senior years are devoted to providing subjects, guidance and academic support to allow students to follow their academic interests via one of the broadest range of subjects on offer in regional NSW.

The specific support available for senior students includes a comprehensive program that includes study skills presenters, access to HSC markers and additional support from the teaching staff. This program is also complemented by our Extended Day Program including external tutors and our Activities Days Study Program. Each of these elements combine to allow our senior students to prepare in a thorough manner to achieve the academic success they seek.

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