Boarding House Structure


Boarding at TAS is flexible and is offered as seven-days-a-week boarding or casual boarding as available. Girls and boys reside in separate Houses, under the care of specialist staff who understand their differing needs.


Our Boy Boarders

All of our Year 6,7 & 8 boy boarders will be housed in White House which has been used for younger boy boarders for many years and is set up to enable them to become accustomed to the school, to boarding and to each other. Boys will be accommodated in dormitories of between four and eight to allow them the proper boarding experience. White House has its own Head of House and a boarding staff, all experienced in dealing with younger adolescents. 

Our more experienced boy boarders from Years 9 to 12 are accommodated in the senior boy houses of Abbott, Croft or Tyrrell. In these Houses, younger boarders will be in dormitories until they reach Year 11 when they then be in twin rooms while all boarders in Year 12 have their own rooms. Staffing includes a Head of House for each boarding house as well as experienced boarding staff who are also often involved in the broader co-curricular life of the school and therefore know our boarders well. 


Our Girl Boarders

Our younger girl boarders in Years 6, 7 and 8 board in our historic Dangar House and their model of pastoral care and supervision is similar to the boys. A Head of Dangar House with boarding staff provides a greater level of specialised care. Dormitories are for six to eight girls with communal space inside and a secure courtyard outside for recreational activities.

In 2023, our Year 9 girl boarders are in Moyes House for the year while new provisions are being made for senior girls boarding accommodation. Moyes House is structured with smaller dormitories as well as single rooms. It is adjacent to Dangar House that many of our girls are already familiar with and is connected through the secure courtyard.

Our Senior girl boarders in Years 10 - 12 are accommodated in the Girls Boarding House, creating a safe and homely environment in a state of the art facility. Girls board in shared rooms with all aspects of the interior design focused on maintaining a sense of privacy within light, bright rooms. Year 12 girls have their own room. Here specialist staff including the Head of Girls Boarding care for them with a keen interest in their happiness and welfare.


Casual boarding 

Casual boarding provides an opportunity to stay overnight at the school should involvement in school activities or family circumstances make it convenient to do so. This is a terrific opportunity for day students to enjoy the company of their boarder friends and participate in the full life of the school.


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