Boarding Philosophy

TAS is a fully co-educational boarding school accommodating boarders from locations across the country and across the world with boarding offered from Year 6 to Year 12. Boarders currently represent half of our student population in these middle and senior school years, and since 1894, boarding has been at the heart of the school and central to all decisions made. Our beautiful campus and excellent facilities provide the perfect environment for boarders to access all the opportunities on offer.

From waking up until lights out, the life of a boarder is an active and fulfilling one designed to help them flourish. Guided by a highly experienced team of Heads of House and boarding staff, students are supported in their journey of growing independence, self awareness and resilience.

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Boarding life at TAS is characterised by the formation of enduring friendships. It’s important that boarders feel a sense of pride and community in what is their home away from home. They must learn to appreciate and respect each others differences to create a positive and enriched living and learning environment.

- Mr David Drain, Director of Boarding

Boarding Academic Program

One of the great strengths of boarding is the structure and routine that exists around the academic program for boarders. For many students, this provides the framework and discipline they need. There is a deliberate approach to study to ensure all students focus on academic work during the week when all boarders attend evening ‘prep’. Here they are supported by academic and residential staff when needed. Specialised academic tutor sessions can be accessed by all students in the Learning Hub each night.

Pastoral Care in the Houses

The TAS boarding community is a vibrant and connected one consisting of students, parents and staff. Heads of Houses are central to the provision of pastoral care, academic support and supervision. They are supported by residential staff who are rostered for duty in the boarding houses, managing the routines supervision of homework and recreation time. 

The TAS Medical Centre has a registered nurse on duty 24 hours each day. Visiting doctors work closely with the school as needed and appointments in town at the surgery are also possible. Our full time Counsellor is also on hand to oversee student concerns and she is very ably assisted by her therapy dog, a chocolate labrador called ‘Mack’.

Flexible Leave… the best of both worlds

Facilitating the right balance between spending time with friends in boarding, playing sport on weekends with teams and enjoying precious time with family is an important feature of TAS boarding. We don’t have set weekends assigned for leave but rather arrangements can be made as required with every Head of House.

What’s most important… Food!

Gone are the years of terrible boarding food. We understand that high quality, nutritious food is important in keeping boarders happy and healthy! TAS boarders enjoy a wide variety of foods prepared by our treasured in-house kitchen team. Roasts, curries, nachos and stir fries accompany a range of salads and vegetable dishes. Hot and cold breakfasts are available, as is afternoon tea in the boarding houses following school. Aside from the great food, meal times in the stunning TAS Dining Hall provide a daily opportunity for boarders and day students from across the school to come together.

Boarder Weekend Activities

Our weekends at TAS can be very busy with regular sporting fixtures and many matches scheduled around the region and beyond. For those boarders who do not have sport, there is always ‘town leave’ on Fridays to Sundays or enjoying our 25 hectare campus boasting an indoor heated pool and facilities for any number of sports. Being outdoors, seems to be a natural inclination for our students and the use of bikes and skateboards around campus are a regular feature. 

During weekends, organised activities for Middle School boarders in particular, can range from a trip to the coast, roller skating, 10 pin bowling, or the cinema. Additionally, age appropriate activities are often arranged such as baking competitions, ping pong tournaments, discos, karaoke, pilates and movie outings.

Technology in the Boarding House

Managing our students’ access to technology and ultimately cultivating healthy self regulation is an important aspect of their education. We recognise the wonders of technology and the advantages it brings in many aspects of life, but we also know that a responsible approach to technology requires education and discipline around access. Set times exist in Houses when students are allowed their technology and all laptops and phones are handed in at night for all boarders other than Year 12.

Boarders Recreation Program

With half of our secondary students being boarders, TAS is a dynamic residential community. Supporting this is our Boarders' Recreation Program which is centred around the three principles of Relaxation, Engagement with the Community, and Cultivating new skills. The activities are scheduled in consultation with a Boarders' Recreation Committee, made up of students representing each boarding house at TAS. There is a strong focus on recurring weekly activities, such as fitness sessions specifically for girls and boys, as well as taking part in community events such as Armidale Parkrun. In addition, each weekend offers a variety of unique opportunities, from lawn bowls to the cinema, as well as day trips to nearby towns and the coast. Each activity is a chance for students from all years to connect with each other through shared experiences, forging friendships, fostering wellbeing and creative memories for a lifetime.






Director of Boarding

Responsible for the oversight and management of all TAS boarding houses, the Director of Boarding provides an additional layer of support for Heads of House, parents and students, and is a member of the School Executive team.

More information on boarding can be found in the Boarding Handbook.



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