Scholarships at TAS are highly sought after and awarded on merit to students who have proven talent or exceptional potential. We encourage all prospective students who are interested in pursuing a scholarship at TAS to get in touch. You are often more capable than you know!

We are proud that the scholarships at TAS are awarded on academic merit, a passion for co curricular pursuits and potential to embrace all that TAS offers and contribute to the school community.

- Dr Rachel Horton, Principal

Our Scholarship Philosophy

Thanks to the generosity of donors in our community, a range of scholarships are available to assist worthy students in their dreams of a TAS education. All our scholarships require your child to sit the annual scholarship examination, there are also music and creative arts scholarships awarded on audition.

Our All Rounder Year 7 Entry Scholarships are awarded after sitting the scholarship exam as well as showing evidence of all round ability and merit in fields such as sport, creative arts, leadership and service.

For more information please contact the Enrolments Registrar, Mrs Jo Neilson on 02 6776 5824, mobile 0425 222 317 or email [email protected]

The Scholarships we offer

The following is the list of scholarships we offer each year. For more information including how to apply to sit the scholarship exam, contact the Enrolments Registrar, Mrs Jo Neilson on 02 6776 5824, mobile 0425 222 317 or email [email protected].

All Rounder Year 7 Entry Scholarships are awarded to new TAS students who have sat the Scholarship Examination and completed an Academic and All Rounder Scholarship application.

These scholarships are given to students who demonstrate those values and character traits that suggest they will thrive at TAS and make the most of the opportunities offered.

To be considered eligible for one of these scholarships, students will need to meet a number/all of the criteria below and have supporting documentation to accompany their application:

  • Sit the Academic Assessment Services scholarship exam in Year 6 at TAS on Scholarship and Open Day in February and have achieved a result above the threshold determined by our independent Scholarship and Bursary Committee
  • Evidence of solid NAPLAN averages
  • Display evidence of leadership in school, at sport or in the community in which they live
  • Display evidence of contribution to sport at a representative level
  • Display evidence of community or school Service
  • Display evidence of participation and contribution to the Creative arts including music
  • High overall interview performance
  • Would contribute significantly and add to the overall life of the school

The TAS All Rounder Scholarship for Year 7 provides up to 30% reduction in fees annually for the duration of the recipient’s schooling at TAS. This scholarship is for new students to TAS only.

Please note that applications close on Tuesday 13 February, 2024.


Scholarships for Aboriginal students

Since 2011, TAS has worked in conjunction with the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) who fund a number of boarding scholarships for Aboriginal students each year in various boarding schools across Australia. We are proud of our connection with AIEF and encourage any Aboriginal student wishing to be educated at TAS to first complete the Indigenous Scholarship Enquiry Form below.

AIEF is a private sector-led, non-profit organisation focused on empowering Aboriginal children in financial need to build a future through quality education and career pathways at Australia’s leading schools, universities and companies. The student must be accepted for enrolment at TAS before a scholarship recommendation is made to AIEF. Awarding AIEF scholarships are provided to students where the intent is to continue at TAS until the end of Year 12. Upon completing the Enquiry Form below, further information about AIEF Scholarship will be sent to you.

Our Scholarship Policy - the fine print

It is important to note that our scholarships are awarded to those students who are intending to pursue studies to the Higher School Certificate at TAS. The expectation is that a student, in accepting a scholarship will remain at TAS for the duration of his or her secondary education. Payment of remaining School fees and any incidental costs must be kept current at all times.

All scholarships remain dependent upon the ongoing availability of funds designated to the School for this purpose. Accordingly, in offering these financial scholarships, the School does so subject to the continued availability of those funds and reserves the right to withdraw in whole or part the award and/or to vary its duration in the event of those funds no longer being available.

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