TAS has its foundations in the Anglican faith which is underpinned by Christian values and beliefs, most positively expressed through relationships based on mutual respect and responsibility.


While welcoming students of all faiths, the school continues to espouse Christian values in word and action. This is done in the formal curriculum in Junior, Middle and Senior School; at weekly Assembly, at School and Boarders’ Chapel services, in Christian Development classes and through various service projects each throughout the year.

Chapel Attendance

Our commitment to all of our young people, of whatever faith, in an educational environment is to protect, care and understand them regardless of their faith. All students from Kindergarten to Year 12 must attend Chapel once a fortnight, and also on Wednesday nights for boarders.

Our Motto and School Lesson 

Our School motto is Absque Deo Nihil which means ‘Without God, there is nothing’, the origin of which is in the New Testament: St John, chapter 1 verse 3. This is understood as a loving understanding and acceptance of a God who should influence every area of school life. The School lesson is 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 which is read at the commencement of every term in Assembly and at important school occasions. The words of this lesson; faith, hope and charity are echoed in the School Hymn.

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