Student Accident Insurance


Student Accident Insurance

TAS would like to draw your attention the matter of personal accident insurance for students. It is very important to highlight that in some circumstances the School’s insurance may not provide any cover in the event of such an injury.

The School has investigated the availability of various forms of insurance coverage and we are pleased to advise that the following covers are in place for all enrolled students of the School:

 Ambulance Coverage
Provides cover for ambulance travel in respect of emergency transport for students following an accident.

(ii) Student Accident Insurance

Provides coverage to all students anywhere in the world should they suffer injury arising out of an accident whilst on a school organised tripThe cost is $50 per annum and will be debited to your account. The underwriter of the plan is Berkshire Hathaway. Coverage is on a twenty-four hours a day basis (whether at school or not) however it DOES NOT provide coverage arising from sickness.