Old Armidalians’ Union (OAU)

The Old Armidalians' Union is the official alumni organisation for all TAS students. Founded in 1899, the OAU works hard to connect former students with each other and encourages its members to be part of the active life of the school and within the activities of the Union itself.

The ongoing association with the TAS community keeps alive the spirit, ethos and traditions of the school as well as preserving amongst Old Boys and Old Girls the friendships and contacts forged while they were students here.

OAU Membership and How to Join

The OAU works hard to enable its members to keep in touch with their friends and the overall school community, while at the same time contributing in many ways for the benefit of present and future generations at TAS.  The OAU has a Committee in Armidale and one in Sydney both of which run activities throughout the year. The main event for the OAU is the annual Reunion Weekend, in addition to organising events in metropolitan cities and regional towns, sporting competitions between our alumni and the school, invitations to school activities and functions, and to working bees and fundraising for specific projects. To join the OAU or to find out more about upcoming activities email OAU Secretary, Mr Tim Hughes on [email protected] or call 02 6776 5800. The cost for life membership subscription is a one-off payment of $380.

OAU and School Governance Responsibilities

One of the more formal roles for the OAU is to elect alumni as Directors to the School Board and to appoint Old Armidalians as Category ‘O’ Members on the TAS Company. All members of the OAU are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting where the Office Bearers and the Committee are elected. The Committee manages the affairs of the Union and welcomes interested alumni keen to contribute.

Donating to the OAU

While direct financial donations to the OAU are not tax deductible, all contributions are valued by the OAU and will be used for the continuance of the needs based bursary given each year to a student who meets the criteria. To talk about donations to the OAU, email OAU Secretary, Mr Tim Hughes on [email protected] or call 02 6776 5800.

Update your Details

If you are an alumnus of TAS and need to update your contact details with the OAU so we can let you when events are happening in your area, please complete the form below. 



The Bell Tower Society

The Bell Tower is an architectural feature recognised by all Old Armidalians. Its bell called generations of students to class, Assembly and Chapel, while the tower itself was often a place where mischief and adventure took place. As such, the bell tower is a recognised symbol not only for all TAS students but for those who may also have a healthy sense of fun and enjoyment. The Bell Tower Society was established in honour of our alumni aged 60 and above whose own tales we like to hear and savour through a separate hard copy publication called Tales from the Tower. For more information or to contribute a tale for the next edition of Tales from the Tower, email Tim Hughes on [email protected].










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