TAS Foundation and Donating

From the School’s earliest days, the TAS community has fostered a culture of philanthropy, commitment and contribution which continues just as strongly today. If you have ever been curious about why the TAS campus has the collection of beautiful buildings and facilities that it has, or how it manages to assist those families struggling when faced with challenging circumstances or how it can offer the range of scholarships it does, then perhaps a better understanding of the TAS community’s spirit of philanthropy will interest you.

What is the TAS Foundation?

The TAS Foundation has been at the heart of philanthropy since its creation in 1983. It offers tax deductible receipts for donations into the Scholarship Fund or Building Fund which are then used for buildings, scholarships and fees assistance to those TAS families in need. There are no TAS staff paid from donated funds – all donated gifts contribute to the development of TAS and its community. It relies on the generosity of our broader community that were at the very heart of the founding of the school.

How can you donate to the TAS Foundation?

This is very easy to answer. You can simply donate by following the instructions in the ‘Donate’ section of the payments page

You will have a choice of projects that you can donate to. Every gift we receive is used only for that nominated project. For every donation to the Building Fund or Scholarship Fund, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. For any questions about making a donation or gift to the TAS Foundation please contact Mrs Emily McOrist, Director of Development by email on [email protected]


Annual giving projects 2024

This year’s Annual Giving is an appeal to our generous and supportive community to once again consider donating to the important projects listed below that the Foundation would like to fund in the following year.

Membership to the TAS Foundation

Donations are cumulative which means every time you contribute to the Foundation, your gifts are helping you achieve a higher level of membership.

Levels of membership to the TAS Foundation:

  • Member: gifts of $2,000 to $9,999 or an intended bequest $19,999
  • Fellow: gifts of $10,000 to 49,999 or an intended bequest $20,000 to $99,999
  • Trustee: gifts of $50,000 or more or an intended bequest $100,000 or more
  • Patron: gifts of $500,000 or more

How can I leave a bequest to the school?

Leaving a bequest to the TAS Foundation or to the school itself through your Will is an investment in the future of education for our students. The provision of funds for the future ensures the school is able to provide additional facilities, scholarships and bursaries to those who most need it.

We are very grateful to all donors who intend to leave a bequest, whether an estate, cash, shares or the residue of an estate because it enables infrastructure we may not otherwise be able to build or allows students to experience a unique education that they may not have had access to. 

We recommend that you seek legal advice on the structure of your Will and inform your family about your intentions in leaving TAS a bequest. It would be most helpful for us to know if you are leaving a bequest to TAS because we believe it is important to acknowledge and thank benefactors in their lifetime for the contribution they will be making to the school.


Details for leaving a Bequest

You may need to provide these details to your lawyer if you are planning on leaving a bequest in your Will.

  • The Armidale School Foundation Ltd (ACN 002 596 901/ ABN 93 326 194 937)
  • The Armidale School Foundation is registered as a charity under the ACNC Act.

Operation of the Foundation

The Foundation operates out of the school’s Development Office and is responsible for raising funds and support for the Foundation and the school itself. The Foundation operates two tax-deductible funds for accepting donations; the Building Fund and the Scholarship Fund.

There are several projects that fall within these two funds and each year we ask members of our community for gifts to these funds through our Annual Giving. 

Responsibility for the operational management of the Foundation lies with the Director of Development, who can be contacted at [email protected].

Governance of the Foundation

The TAS Foundation has its own Board of Directors as well as a number of Committees that oversee the essential functions of the Foundation.

The Investment Committee is responsible for the astute and responsible investment of the Foundation’s funds using independent financial advice from local professionals. The Membership and Planning Committee oversee the initiatives designed to raise the profile of the Foundation while the Bequest Committee seeks to ensure the future financial security of the school through its bequest program.

Contacting the Foundation

If you would like to speak about the Foundation or any of the fundraising projects TAS is raising money for, please contact Mr Pat Bradley on (02) 6776 5800 or by email to [email protected].

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