When will the TASRC Draw be released?

The draw will be released to all registered teams approximately 2 weeks before the Carnival

Will the Carnival go ahead in wet weather?

Yes! A few adjustments may be made, but games will certainly continue

Can girls play in the Under 12s teams?

Yes they can.

Can we bring more than 20 players and 2 staff for Under 12s?

No, In order to be fair we ask that you have no more than 20 players (you can have up to 20 players). In terms of staffing we ask that only 2 staff per team stay on-site as we are limited with staff accommodation (we tend to put more players in a room than staff). Having the same number of players brings a fair match on the field and allows more teams to attend the Carnival.

Can we decide which pool we are entered into for the Carnival?

NO, Pools will be decided based on past years (we have the results from past years and match accordingly), we understand that teams/clubs have strong and weak years but we do our best to match teams appropriately. If your team or club is new we look at the size of the school/club, what competition you have played in the past or other teams you have played against (some dialogue involved with the new school/club).

Will there be finals?

No, Pools will be set-up and each team will play all teams in their pool with the winner of the pool awarded off points with a maximum for and against of +20.

Can we play overage players e.g. players turning 13 in 2024?

Players will need to be dispensated through the Rugby Australia paperwork, this must be done in the calendar year. 2023 dispensation will NOT suffice. More information regarding dispensation may be found here: https://australia.rugby/about/codes-and-policies/safety-and-welfare/player-dispensation

Can we have a training session on Friday afternoon after checking in?

Yes, we do not allocate grounds for this but please work with the other teams who are trying to do the same thing. 

Will there be medical support at the Carnival?

Medical assistance will be on site for all games, with a Physiotherapist also available. 

Can I order photos from the Carnival?

PixOnline will provide a gallery of photos after the carnival where you can place an order.

Are players with Dietary restrictions catered for?

Yes! When teams lodge player names prior to the carnival, specific dietary requirements will be listed for those needing it. All allergies and dietary restrictions will be catered for. 

What time will the games begin on Saturday 13 April 2024? 

Games will begin around 9.00 am, depending on the number of teams registered. If we have more teams, we may start at 8.00 am. 

 What time will be carnival end on Sunday 14 April 2024?

Again, it depends on how many teams register for the Carnival, but we hope that all games will be finished by 12.00 pm on Sunday.

When will we know what accommodation we have been allocated?

Accommodation preferences will be followed as much as possible. We hope to secure all arrangements by February 2024.

Would it be possible to be placed in the same accommodation as we were in 2023, please? 

We will do our best to accommodate this request, and returning teams will have preference.