Triple Crown 2024

Welcome to the TAS Triple Crown

The Triple Crown, is a series of unique events which culminate in one of the most highly valued awards available at TAS. Every year, there are four opportunities for students, parents, and staff to participate, compete, get well outside of your comfort zone and to support those less fortunate. Complete three out of the four and you’ll receive the Triple Crown. Complete all four, and you join the 'Awesome Foursome'.

In 2024, there are four outstanding events planned and outlined below:

  1. The Coffs Ocean Swim 2km (Sunday 7 April)
  2.  The Tour de Rocks 268km ride (Thursday 18 April-Saturday 20 April)
  3. The “Walk a mile in another man’s wheels” 4-hour Wheelchair Challenge (Friday 9 August)
  4. The 19 for 19, a 19km walk (Anya’s Wish, Sunday 19 October).

It is now time to call for expressions of interest for both the Coffs Ocean Swim and the Tour de Rocks Please note that the Tour is held during the 2nd week of the April school holidays.

I am pleased to be able to offer this experience to all TAS students, staff and parents. Please register your interest in either event below.

Below you will also find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for both events.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at [email protected]

Mr James Pennington
[email protected]


Coffs Ocean Swim 

This has developed into a ‘must do’ event for so many TAS students, staff and parents. Last year there were exactly 150 TAS students, 12 parents and 7 staff who swam the 2km, quite an impressive statistic. This represented a third of all entries.

Held in the safety of the harbour near the Coffs Jetty, the swim is incredibly well organised and is supported by all SLS Clubs along the Coffs Coast.





Sunday 7 April, 2024

Coffs Harbour Jetty, Jordan Esplanade

Is it a race?
No, it’s all about the experience. You MUST however complete the swim in order to qualify for the Triple Crown.

What safety is available during the swim?
Four of the Surf Clubs from the Coffs Coast provide water safety. This includes 3 IRB’s and numerous lifesavers on paddleboards.

What is the cost?
The approximate cost of this event is $120 which includes entry, transport, breakfast and lunch.

What is the swim like?
Generally, very calm conditions, completely within the Harbour.

What happens if I get into trouble in the swim?
Put your hand straight up, as per anytime in the water. Water safety will see you and paddle over. For those swimmers who are understandably nervous, Mr Pennington and Mr Currell will swim at the back of the TAS group for anyone who wants to swim in a pack.

What about medical support?
TAS staff are trained in first aid and there is a doctor in attendance at the Jetty as well as Lifesavers out on the course.

What meals will be provided?
Breakfast on the bus and lunch in Coffs Harbour.

What about COVID?
We will be following the NSW Health Department Guidelines on COVID.

What about some training?
Training is available now, every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6:15-7:15am at TAS.

What do I wear?
On the bus, your TAS PE uniform. For the swim, it’s your TAS swimmers and goggles with a blue cap (in support of The Blue Tree Project) provided.

Tour de Rocks FAQs

Riding to inspire communities to help find a cure for Cancer!

What are the dates?

Thursday 18-Saturday 20 April 24 (please note that this is during the school holidays)

Why am I doing this?

Have fun and make a difference for cancer awareness, prevention and cure. A challenge for a worthy cause. Build the memories as you enjoy the company of your fellow participants and our magnificent regional environment. Oh, it’s the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown!

What sort of bike should I ride?

A Mountain Bike is highly recommended. A Hybrid Bike is a possibility. However, Road Bikes are highly unlikely to survive the conditions.

What do I need to contribute to become part of the Tour de Rocks community?

Every person that rides, supports or assists on tour, including the Board and Committee members, are required to register and commit to the fundraising targets.



TAS Levy

Includes tents, snacks at night, support staff and transport back to Armidale


Adult Rider$245$250$125$
Secondary Student Rider Rider$195$250$125$
Adult Supporter$150$250$0$

Use the raffle tickets option for the Fundraising. We supply the prizes and raffle tickets. All you have to do is sell a book of 50 tickets and your fundraising is done, saving you $250!

How does the support team work?

With the assistance of TAS Staff and Parents, there will be a support crew for Team TAS. We will supply tents, portable shower, evening snacks, all camping equipment required and transport back to Armidale after the event on Saturday 20/4.

What camping facilities are available?

Day 1  Ebor camp area – near the Ebor Hotel / Motel. Toilet facilities are available. There are limited showers. You may want to bring a portable camping shower. There are no powered sites.

Day 2  Ulong camp area. Toilet facilities are available. You may want to bring a portable camping shower. There are no powered sites. There is a great shop in Ulong.

Day 3  Woolgoolga, this is where the ride will conclude.

What time do we leave on Thursday Morning?

Registration and Waivers are available for completion from 5.30 am. The first teams will depart at 7.00am, with the last teams leaving by 8.00am. Teams will be advised of their approximate leaving time on the morning of the event.

Do I have to sign a waiver on the morning of the Ride?

Yes. All participants, including supporters, will be required to complete their final “Day of Event Registration”, sign their waiver and receive final briefing information.

When will we receive our Jerseys / Supporters Shirts?

These will be available early April. Arrangements will be made with Team Captains in relation to collection and distribution.

What time does registration open on Thursday?

5.30am. Booths will be set up by team name, family name or singles.

Will we have change and toilet facilities available at the start?

Yes. The Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club will make their change facilities and amenities available

What is the terrain?

You will be riding on a mix of paved, unpaved and gravel surfaces.

The Ride Management Plan, on the Tour de Rocks Website, shows all the grades, elevations, and distances. We suggest that you look at these so you will know what to expect throughout the ride

How far is it and what are the elevation changes?




Elevation Changed

Day 1Armidale to Ebor114 kms1,882m up 1,566m down
Day 2Hernani to Ulong83 kms1,285m up 1,948m down
Day 3Ulong to Woolgoolga Surf Life Saving Club, Woolgoolga73 kms1,172m up 1,723m down

What time do we leave on Day 2?

Day 2 of the ride will start at the Hernani. Riders will be transported by bus to the start line. Bikes will be transported to the start line on the evening of Day 1 – ready to go. Unfortunately, there is no other option. The reason for this is that the road between Ebor and Hernani is too dangerous for us to use.

Tour de Rocks will be facilitating these movements. Further details and timings will be provided in due course. It is important that Riders do not use their own vehicles to move from Ebor to Hernani.

Day 2 has the Children’s Ride from Hernani to Cnr Cornells Road and Faheys & Bulgins Rd (A distance of about 10 kms). The Children’s Ride will leave first, with their parents, at 8.00am The Adults will leave at 9.00am, after assisting with the camp pack up.

All supporters and their vehicles, except those picking up Children from their ride, will go directly to Ulong – via Dorrigo – after finishing the pack up of the camp.

What time do we leave on Day 3?

An early start with the first riders leaving at 7.00am from Ulong. Finishing at Woolgoolga Surf Life Saving Club. Further information will be provided during the safety / daily briefings.

What happens at night?

Each night there is a presentation for the daily jerseys (Spirit, Guts, and Inspiration and Goose). A recap of the day, discussion about any incidents and briefing for the next day.

Bike preparation is the responsibility of the rider. To enjoy the ride your bike should be in very good condition prior to leaving. Check that your tyres are in good condition, your lights are in working order, you have a spare tube, allen keys, tyre levers and a pump or co2 container. Even if you cannot use these tools, there will be someone close by that will be able to.

How should my bike be prepared?

It is highly recommended that your bike is serviced prior to leaving.

What happens if I get a flat tyre or mechanical issue?

There will be a team of bike mechanics, travelling with us, that will be able to fix most mechanical issues. It is advisable to have your own spare tubes and to be able to fix a flat. This will save waiting for the mechanics. Bikes repairs and servicing will be available each evening. There will be charge for servicing and repairs.

What medical or first aid facilities are available?

St Johns Ambulance, as well as nurses and doctors are on the ride, in case of an emergency. It is a good idea to have you own basic first aid supplies, band aids, blister packs, anti-inflammatory medication, plasters, etc. Team Captains are required to carry a basic first aid kit.

What safety measures are in place?

The safety committee have satellite and two-way radio communication. St Johns Ambulance and additional medical staff, with equipment, are on the ride in case of an emergency.

Safe riding guidelines and instructions are provided and must be followed.

What meals will be provided? 

Day 1  Snacks and drinks at the drink stations, lunch, and evening meal.

Day 2  Breakfast, snacks and drinks at the drink stations, lunch, and evening meal.

Day 3  Breakfast, snacks and drinks at the drink stations and lunch at Woolgoolga.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Nutritious meals, approved by a sports dietician, will be provided. Any special dietary requirements will be your own responsibility.

What happens when we arrive at Woolgoolga?

We are scheduled to arrive at Woolgoolga Surf Life Saving Club, Woolgoolga, around midday, where lunch will be provided as we gather to celebrate the achievements of the ride. There will be a few congratulatory words to the participants, a show of appreciation to the support teams, Tour de Rocks crew and some reflection on what has been achieved and the progress we are making with cancer.

How is the movement of support vehicles managed?

Support vehicles are not permitted to move through the riders, as it is the most significant safety issue we encounter. At the briefings, details will be provided as to when the support vehicles will depart, either ahead or behind the riders. This is not negotiable; please do not attempt to do so.

What happens if I need a rest?

There will be plenty of assistance along the way. The bus will pick up anyone and their bike and transport them to the top of the next hill, morning tea lunch or the camping grounds, or as far as they wish to go.

Does it matter if I get off and walk up the hills?

No. Plenty do! It is about participation; it is not a race.