Vision, Values and Philosophy

Our Vision

At the very heart of our strategic planning lie the values that underpin our school. We believe that what we do at TAS, and the way we do it, forges the development of the whole person; providing our students with the skills, character traits and Christian values that engender purpose, fulfilment and the ability to contribute positively to their world. 

What sets TAS apart is the fundamental understanding that every student deserves to experience the kind of success that promotes self-esteem, purpose and the confidence to tackle new challenges. Whether it is through music, drama, sport, service or adventure, our purpose is to encourage each student’s growth by promoting involvement in worthwhile and personally important endeavours.

Our Values

TAS values and actively pursues individual academic effort and performance but a TAS education is a comprehensive one, presenting every student with the breadth of experience that creates character and resilience, promotes creativity, initiative and leadership and prepares them for life.

TAS is a school that recognises and appreciates diversity and understands the importance of its members having a voice and being heard. 

We are a school with strong Christian practices and beliefs that govern our relationships, service to others and awareness of the environment.

We are proud of our history and traditions, yet at the same time we are liberal, progressive and adapt quickly and effectively to shifts in our educational, social, economic and technological environment.

The Six Pillars of Our Philosophy

Individual Academic Focus

Paramount to our approach to each student’s academic journey is the belief that every student should leave this school with the broadest range of academic options available to them. Our commitment is to each individual student; understanding that for every one, their paths, interests and options will be different.

Holistic Wellbeing

TAS uses its size to create a pastoral care advantage as the whole school community is focused on a culture of connectedness that is valued by all. Every student from Years 6 to 12 meets their Advisor daily. It is in these small groups that strong and close connections are formed and the genuine support for each student is given. Supported by Year Level Coordinators, Heads of House, School Counsellor and the Wellbeing Team, students do not slip under the radar.

Boarding Distinction

Boarding life at TAS is based on the understanding that a boarding house is a home rather than just a residence. Senior adults are present in the Houses at all times and residential staff all play an important role in creating a home-like atmosphere. Academic support is is provided for boarders during the week and weekend activities are offered for those interested. Boarding is at the very heart of all we do at TAS.

Education Beyond the Classroom

Education at TAS is more than the pursuit of academic achievement alone, it is about the skills and training needed for life. Central to this belief is our extensive co-curricular program which offers broad and engaging sporting choices for summer and winter, a creative arts focus on music, drama and art and student clubs that extend students further. This active participation challenges our boys and girls to be creative and expressive, to build resilience, courage and organisational skills.

Our co-curricular pursuits are the natural heartland of our school spirit where supporting each other’s efforts galvanises pride and a sense of belonging for every student, uniting our school community.

Student Leadership

Formal student leadership at TAS starts from the earliest years at Junior School where everyone is encouraged to have a voice through the Student Representative Council and choosing to stand as a House Captain. Formal leadership positions in Middle School are open for Year 8 students who take on a specific leadership role. 

In Senior School, formal Cadet Leadership training begins with students choosing to progress through junior, senior and cadet under officer levels. This formal training takes place over a number of weekends and then throughout the year in the Cadet Unit.

Formal positions such as Prefects, House Captains and SRC representatives are the backbone of the Year 12 leadership structure, each supported by experienced senior staff guiding our young leaders.

Outdoor Education and Adventure

In our Outdoor Education and Adventure programs, students are encouraged to extend themselves and their expectations which builds confidence, resilience and character development.

All students from Junior School to Senior School must participate in the staged outdoor education program that builds outdoor skills from a young age. From hiking and orienteering, to kayaking and rock climbing, our students are outdoors amongst trained staff learning outdoor skills and techniques to build confidence and resilience.

In addition to the extensive outdoor education, our adventure and expedition program also offers an array of voluntary opportunities for the intrepid student which includes Tour De Rocks, 2km Coffs Ocean Swim, Tough Mudder, Anya’s Wish 19km fun run and much more depending on the year.

Community service activities include partnerships with the neighbouring Minimbah Aboriginal Primary School, Landcare, Salvation Army, Newling Gardens Retirement Village, St. Vincent de Paul as well as weekly cooking for the homeless and pilgrimages to St Christopher’s Orphanage in Fiji for Year 8 students. 

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