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TAS Talks is the weekly newsletter of The Armidale School and published in digital format every Wednesday. To receive a digital copy of TAS Talks every Wednesday please subscribe below.

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Binghi - our termly magazine

Binghi began life in 1957 and continues to be TAS’ official magazine produced once a term for all parents, staff and alumni of the school. Pronounced ‘Bing-eye’ the name, which means ‘brother’, is a word of the Aboriginal language Dyangadi, spoken by Aboriginal peoples of the Macleay River who in summer months would move westward to the region around Armidale. Binghi is a digest of the wider school community, with articles about the activities and achievements of students, Old Armidalians’ notes, and news from the TAS Foundation and P&F.

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ISSUE 204 - TERM 1 2024


ISSUE 203 - TERM 4 2023

Binghi 202

ISSUE 202 - TERM 3 2023

Binghi 201 (Web)

ISSUE 201 - TERM 2 2023

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ISSUE 200 - TERM 1 2023

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ISSUE 199 - TERM 4 2022

The Armidalian - our annual publication

In the first issue of The Armidalian: a magazine of The Armidale School (Vol 1 No 1, November 1897), the founding editors wrote:

"By preserving a faithful and regular record of all the doings of the School, of its fortunes, good or bad, of the achievements of any of its members, past or present, and of changes which may take place in it from time to time, we shall endeavor to supply a link, which will make all those, who once sat within these walls, felt that they belong to one and the same body still, even after they have entered upon life in places far away from their old School.  And those, who are actually members of the School at the time, and who will read news which – to use an Irishism –they knew before, will, we trust, find a pleasure in having School events, which they have themselves witnessed, recalled to their memory, to form the subject of many a pleasant talk. Any successes or distinctions, won by members of the School, will be mentioned in these pages, and thus there should arise in the breast of each one of us an ambition to do something, in one way or another, to deserve to have his name and his achievement recorded for the admiration of future Armidalians. (as former students of the school were originally known)".

Since that time The Armidalian has continued to be the official record of The Armidale School. These copies of The Armidalian have been scanned and converted to a searchable image pdf format. 

For archived copies of The Armidalian please contact the Editor.

Tales from the Tower

This rather bespoke official publication of the Bell Tower Society is the repository of many tales and stories from our alumni over the age of 65. Editions are created and curated by the school and those old boys, and eventually old girls, who have photos and stories to tell of their time at TAS.

For more information, or to join the Bell Tower Society, email [email protected].

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