Challenge and Adventure Activities


TAS is renowned for its adventure and expedition opportunities which include the Tour de Rocks bike ride, 2km Coffs Ocean Swim, Anya’s Wish 19 km walk and the TAS 4-hour event all of which form part of the coveted ‘Triple Crown’. Each of these events has a service component and requires that the students are challenged to extend themselves and their expectations above what they ever imagined they could achieve. These activities are all voluntary yet we have hundreds of participants every time - that speaks for their appeal.


Triple Crown Challenge

Students and staff at TAS have the opportunity to swim, run, cycle and paddle their way to an award that recognises endurance and challenge. The TAS Triple Crown recognises those who successfully complete at least three of the four endurance events including:

  • 2km Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim
  • 14km City to Surf run
  • 210km Tour de Rocks mountain bike ride
  • The TAS 4 hour event 

If all are completed in a single calendar year, they are eligible for the Gold Triple Crown.

The award espouses the values of determination, resilience and aspiration. All events are individual entry only and require participants to train significantly beforehand. The unique variety of fixtures means that this award is open to all, not just those for whom sport is central.


Regional ‘Toughen Up’ Challenges

At various times throughout the year there will be a Regional Toughen Up event and TAS sends many brave volunteers to head off for the day to complete the course. Ideal for Middle School students in particular, these fun challenges are popular, muddy and fulfilling.


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