Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

TAS values the responsibility we have in helping overcome inequality, and is proud that our Reconciliation Action Plan has been recognised and approved by Reconciliation Australia. Working with local Elders and key members of Armidale’s Aboriginal community, TAS aims to ensure connection and support through this sustained and measured plan.

The Armidale School seeks to actively contribute to Reconciliation through developing an honest and meaningful understanding of Australia’s First Nations peoples histories and cultures, both locally and nationally. 

We will be respectful, visible and progressive in our approach to reconciliation, and our understanding, acknowledgment and appreciation of Country. Our aim is to establish authentic and sustained relationships with the local First Nations community that are both ethical and mutually beneficial. 

As a School, we seek to respectfully incorporate local First Nations perspectives into our curriculum and co-curricular programs. We will not shy away from discussing the injustices since colonisation while upholding the strength of enduring knowledge and perspectives embedded in First Nations peoples cultures.

The Armidale School Reconciliation Action Plan was launched in 2022.

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