Affiliations and Associations

TAS is proud of its connections with other educational associations, local and global institutions and organisations that provide unique programs which expand the breadth of our students’ experience. Our deep connection to the New England regional community is complemented by an international outlook.

Leading New England Affiliations

We are proud and grateful for our affiliations with the University of New England, New England Conservatorium of Music and the New England Regional Art Museum. All three institutions form the foundation of Armidale’s educational and inspirational culture.

Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS)

TAS is very proud to be the only regionally based and only co-educational member of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools of NSW (AAGPS). It is an affiliation that brings enormous value through sporting events and a sense of camaraderie with the associated schools long after students graduate.

Round Square Association of Schools

TAS is a long-standing member of the Round Square Association, an international organisation of around 200 schools that share a commitment to education centred on the IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service) which are the foundations for the educational philosophy of all member schools. The name ‘Round Square’ was derived from a curiously-shaped 17th century building at Gordonstoun School in Scotland, the founding school of the association. 

The TAS Cadet Unit

The history of the TAS Cadet Unit dates back to 1897 making the TAS Cadet Unit the third oldest in Australia. Despite its longevity, the value of quality leadership training and youth development through outdoor education continues to make it relevant in an ever-changing world. 

As these core values of leadership, initiative, teamwork and bravery are core life skills that cultivate character, Cadets is an obligatory part of the Activities program at TAS for all students in Years 8- 10, and optional in Years 11-12.

Rural Fire Service

A popular component of the TAS Activities offering, the Rural Fire Service program aims to ensure all student participants pass the entry-level RFS qualification of Bush Firefighter (BF), which allows them to participate in local hazard reductions and exercises as probationary brigade members. 

The TAS RFS program would not be possible without the active support and guidance of staff of the NSW Rural Fire Service New England Zone, and also the Dumaresq RFS brigade for the time, expertise and patience afforded by members.

Surfing with Sawtell

Surf life saving commenced at TAS in 1967, and the Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club has been a long-standing partner of TAS assisting us to support students who want to achieve their Surf Lifesaving qualifications. TAS may be 200 km inland, but for generations the school has given Year 11 students the opportunity to attain their surf bronze medallion. Not only does it give students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the ocean, but also to learn new skills and appreciate and develop a sense of service as exemplified by the TAS Activities program.

St Christopher’s Orphanage, Fiji

Continuing a tradition started over a decade ago, every year students from Year 8 at TAS assist the Anglican Sisters of the Community of the Sacred Name make the orphanage a better place to live in. The majority of the children at the home are orphans or are there because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned by their families. TAS students offer themselves in service to St Christopher’s in any way they can while at the Home. The staff from TAS fully support the efforts of the students as they seek to make possible their involvement in this trip by raising funds towards their work at the Home.

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