Technology and Digital Literacy

TAS is a technology rich learning environment which seeks to give all our students the advantages that come with living and accessing all that is positive in the digital world. We are thoroughly cognisant of course, that there are safety concerns around the appropriate use of technology, and understand it is a shared responsibility between parents and the school to do all we can to keep our children safe.

School laptop program

All students from Year 5 to Year 12 are allocated a school Apple laptop as a part of the compulsory curriculum at TAS. We have chosen an Apple Macintosh platform throughout the School with a three-year leasing period which keeps machines current, enables us to keep maintenance and network management costs at a minimum.

All machines are equipped with a broad suite of software including a range of creative tools such as Garageband (audio production), iPhoto (image editing), iTunes (music and video management), iMovie (powerful video editing), as well as Microsoft Office, the entire Adobe Creative Suite and other publishing and specialist software.

Introductory sessions for new students are held within their first week at The School. These sessions cover familiarisation with the laptop as well as topics such as the rights and responsibilities of the user, email for students, security, and internet use and protection.

Costs and Insurance

The laptop levy for years 5–12 is currently $700 pa and covers the annual rental cost of the laptop, insurance, a protective case, unlimited Google Drive storage for backup, the software suite and internet connection costs. It is compulsory for all students to participate in this program. All laptops are covered by a full warranty for faults and failures.

Managing Technology

The School shares responsibility with parents, government, and the community to protect our children from the impact of inappropriate material on the internet. This protection at TAS comes in the form of a number of mechanisms to block inappropriate content.

Device and Network Management at TAS

All devices connected to the school wireless network (TAS-WiFi) are managed by a network content filter called Cyberhound. These policy-based restrictions block online games, social media, and other distractions through school and prep times, as well as block out adult content.

All school provided devices (iPads and Mac laptops) are managed. The IT department can restrict any software from being installed or executed. This same device management software also allows the school to easily deploy new software, updates, or security features.

TAS mobile phone policy

Mobile phones are not to be used by any student from 8.30am to 3.30pm. At these times, phones should be switched off. If any student needs to make contact with parents or other significant people, we ask them to go to Reception and use the landline phone there.

Managing Technology at home

The iParent portal on the The Office of the eSafety Commissioner website has some fantastic resources and tips for assisting parents to manage technology at home. We recommend all our parents have a look at their website to help them navigate technology and child safety.

Cyberhound also have a product suitable for managing content and time online at home.

FamilyZone offer a similar product, which extends from outside the home network.

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