Bus Passes

All Students wishing to apply for a bus pass for travel to and from school can do this by using the NSW Transport School Student online form.

Parents, guardians and students 16+ years of age can use this form to apply for free school student travel under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS). The form can be used for students applying for a bus pass for the first time; for those moving from Year 2 to Year 3;  Year 6 to Year 7 or for any change of address details.

Travel Assistance Available:

  • School Travel Passes – apply for a daily school pass for the first time or renewal or updating a school travel pass. Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged school travel pass.
  • School Drive Subsidy – for parents or guardians to apply for where there is no public transport available, this subsidy partly offsets the cost of driving students to school or to the nearest transport pick-up point, by car, motorcycle or boat.
  • Applying for Boarders Rail Pass – this application applies to all boarders' travel, not just a rail pass. Please see Boarders’ Travel for more details.

To apply for a bus pass online please click here.



Boarders' Travel

Boarders are eligible to use a fully subsidised travel when travelling to and from home on government services. An application for a Boarding Rail Pass must be completed and returned to the school for validation.

The school can arrange boarders' weekend travel. Bookings must be made before the Thursday prior to the weekend. All travel arrangements (except air travel) should be made by contacting Mrs Veronica Lucas by email

Boarders' end of term travel is arranged by the School (except at the beginning and end of the school year). The chartered services are provided free to students travelling between their home and school – not including interstate home destinations. Bookings are essential. Booking forms are emailed each term and need to be completed and returned by the due date. Cancellations can be made up to three (3) days prior to travel. Students should be mindful that there is a two suitcase (25kg each) limit. Arrangements can be made through a carrier for extra luggage. If cancellation is not made at least 48 hours prior to travel, then a $30 administration fee will be charged to your account.



Day Students’ Travel

Day students in Years K-12 are eligible to use the fully subsidised school bus services that access the various schools in Armidale. These include services from and to Guyra and Walcha.

To apply for a bus pass online please click here.

Walcha Late Bus

TAS operates a ‘late bus’ to service day students who participate in after-school activities and live in the Uralla and Walcha districts. This service operates from Monday to Thursday during the school term. The bus departs TAS at 5:15 pm and picks up students from PLC (if required) and NEGS (if required) before dropping students at McRae’s Corner, Uralla, at 5:45 pm, Walcha Showground at 6:05 pm and Walcha Caltex Service Station at 6:08 pm. There is a $7 charge per student per journey, which will be billed to the student’s account. Boarders are also welcome to use this service. For more details contact [email protected]

For more details contact TAS Reception on 02 6776 5800 or [email protected]