Our Pre-K, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools

Choosing the right school for your child is the crucial step in their educational journey and one that needs to be considered carefully. TAS is designed with a school structure that best reflects the growth and development of the child; their intellectual, physical, psychological and emotional stages of development from 4 years old to the time they leave in Year 12.

Our Pre-Kindergarten, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools are all located on the same campus, sharing common spaces and culture but having a distinct student-focused purpose. 

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Junior school students

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Middle school students

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Senior school students

Education is more than the pursuit of academic achievement alone, it is about the training and skill development needed for life. The firm belief that academic endeavour must be balanced with participation in co-curricular and adventure activities outside the classroom is a philosophy that is embedded in the culture of the whole school from our youngest to our oldest students. 

This educational philosophy enables our boys and girls to be creative and expressive, to build resilience and courage as well as organisational and leadership skills. The benefits gained in enriching their educational experience for their mental health and sense of wellbeing, for their physical health and social interaction are indisputable.

It is a philosophy that our staff believe in. It is embedded in the culture of achievement and service that we all ascribe to. 

Pre-Kindergarten is where it all begins

Pre-Kindergarten is five days a week with specialist teachers qualified in early childhood education who have a breadth of experience engaging and inspiring our youngest children. The Pre-Kindergarten program is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and is designed to help our girls and boys develop their approaches to learning that will then flow through to more advanced practices as they progress through Junior School. The critical skills we focus on in the classroom at this stage are thinking, research, communication and social skills. Our specialist programs include Music, Languages, PDHPE (Gymbaroo) and Learn to Swim classes in the heated TAS pool, which are crucial in developing gross motor and physical skills. It is a unique and highly sought after program.

Enquire about enrolling into our Pre-Kindergarten class.

The rewarding foundations of TAS Junior School

Our Junior School located in the very heart of the TAS campus is specifically designed for children from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 5. Our classroom teachers and aides are supported by specialists in music, drama, languages, the Diverse Learning Team and PE giving our youngest students experiences and advantages at this important introduction to education. 

As the only International Baccalaureate World School in New England offering the Primary Years Programme, we believe that the TAS Junior School philosophy of encouraging educational curiosity and creative thinking, of embracing global perspectives, independence and engagement in life is the start every child needs.

TAS Middle School - a vital step

Our Middle School is a gentle transition between primary and high school geared toward students from Years 6 to 8. TAS Middle School opened 20 years ago in response to the specific needs of early adolescence and the need to provide students with greater academic stimulation and broader co-curricular opportunities. Middle School has its own building within the campus and this nurturing space is where additional support, opportunities and care are given during these vital years.


At a stage where they are undergoing many physical, emotional and social changes, boys and girls in early adolescence have their own unique needs. Educationally, children have emerged from the directed learning environment of primary school, and are starting to think differently and in a more abstract, independent, way. Socially and emotionally, they are developing their own sense of self: no longer little children, but with many steps still to take on their journey to adulthood. TAS Middle School guides them through these years and prepares them well for the increased demands of Senior School life.

- Luke Polson, Head of Middle School

Senior School

Our Senior School begins in Year 9 and flows through to Year 12 and is principally concerned with ensuring that individual goals for academic achievement are met with diverse and challenging co-curricular opportunities. Our commitment is to each individual student; understanding that for every one, their paths, interests and options will be different. It is the stage of any student’s education where they mature and grow into the leaders of the school, embracing all on offer and developing the skills to prepare them for life after school. 

With the support of passionate, motivational and well-qualified staff, students are given the skills they need to manage the expectations placed upon them by themselves, their families and the school.

- Mr Ray Pearson, Deputy Principal

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