Fiji Service Trip


"Our care for the children reminds us that St Christopher means Christ Bearer. In all the children, unwed mothers or people who come to us for their needs, we see Jesus. We do it all for Jesus. We wash and cook, sweep the floor, bath the children, cut the lawn and weed the garden.
We count ourselves privileged to be given this task to do for Him"

Sister Claire Masina, a founding Sister


St Christopher’s is a Home run by an Anglican Order of Sisters from the diocese of Polynesia. While some of the children at the Home are orphans, others are there because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned by their families. The Sisters are humble, Christian women who are constantly giving and caring for these children. The staff from the Armidale School fully support the efforts of the students as they seek to make possible their involvement in this trip by raising funds towards their work at the Home.

Our intention is to offer ourselves in service to St Christopher’s in any way we can while we are at the Home. Thus, we will participate in the upkeep and daily maintenance of the Home and offer friendship to the children. We hope to extend some love and kindness, through our presence. For ourselves, apart from this voluntary service, we look forward to experiencing a different cultural environment, gaining a better understanding of ourselves, and learning to consider the needs of others.

While we strongly encourage students to apply for this trip, there are limited places available.

The aims of this service opportunity are:

  • To give voluntary service
  • To experience and participate in a different culture
  • To gain a better understanding of ourselves
  • To live and work together, learning to consider others needs
  • To experience overseas travel.

Dates, Cost & Time 

Depart: Friday 27 September, 2024
Return: Monday 7 October, 2024


Cost: $3200 with a $1000 deposit due upon acceptance of a place on the trip and the balance due at the end of Term 2.

Information & Contacts

For more information about this service project please contact:

TAS: Middle School by email or telephone (02) 6776 5819 or visit

TAS Service Coordinator - Ms Fiona Taber 

TAS Middle School
Tel: 02 6776 5819
Email: [email protected]